Choose The Best eWallet For Your Specific Needs

Tuesday, July 9th, 2019, 12:36:52 AM

One of the most common problems an Internet user is facing with online payments is… variety. Indeed, choosing from countless options can be both a blessing… and a curse, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

Choose the best ewallet online

More often than not, an ewallet is the best online payment option out there, but what can you do when you suddenly realize the ewallet market is as congested as New York City during rush hour?

Each and every website promises you convenience and transactions in a blink of an eye, yet what happens when those expectations aren’t actually met? Most importantly, how can you avoid these situations?

You can very well start by reading this blog post and follow our tips on how to choose the best ewallet out there for your specific needs.

Location, Location… Location

First and foremost, it is very important to make an educated choice based on your country of residence.

You may find many ewallets, most with similar features, but you have to pay attention to the countries these ewallets target specifically. For example, online payment services like Yandex Money will be best suited for Russian-based Internet users. You can still register if you are a resident of another country, however, to get verified, you will need to send the documents attesting your ID and proof and residence to Russia via mail.

Digital money used Worldwide

On the other hand, WebMoney may be a much better choice if you live in the US. WebMoney is a Russian-based company that has extended to well beyond its home country’s borders and is now a conglomerate of companies from all around the world, each making sure the funds are safe and guaranteed, no matter your region, US, Europe, or Russia.

Moreover, if you are used to using the handy prepaid vouchers and you are based in Australia, you can try myneosurf ewallet and never look back. Any Aussie can exchange the popular Neosurf vouchers to myneosurf money and use them for a variety of payments on & offline. Remember, myneosurf also offers a personalized Mastercard for you to use everywhere, even if you are on holiday, far away from the Down Under.

How May I Serve?

Another important aspect you should take into consideration when you choose your default ewallet is usage. In other words, what you will use the ewallet for.

If you plan to take advantage of the unmatched offers the online retail brings to the table, you may very well stick to the best of the best. PayPal is the OG of all ewallets having been around for two decades. According to recent stats, PayPal has almost 280 million active accounts and is present in more than 200 markets worldwide. Why is that? Basically all online retailers in all sorts of industries - fashion, food, IT, electronics, gaming to name just a few - accept PayPal by default, so you can’t possibly go wrong.

Deposit to your favorite online casino using eWallet

Nevertheless, if you plan to top-up your online casino account, then PayPal might NOT be a good choice. The American payment processing company is very strict with the gambling industry in general, that is why the ewallet does business with few online casinos and allows funds to be used for online gambling in only several countries, all on European continent. That is why Skrill & Neteller is a much better choice if you open an ewallet account just to make deposits on your favorite online casino platform and cash out your winnings.

Skrill & Neteller are the popular choices of online gaming players worldwide, from the two Americas, Europe, and Africa to Asia & Australia. Virtually all gaming websites accept Skrill & Neteller ewallets - there are now part of the same company called PaySafe Group - so you can easily try their services out to be on top of your game everywhere and in each & every moment.

BONUS: eWallet Enhancements

Besides location and specific usage, you may want to be on the lookout for other aspects ewallet-related to further enhance your overall experience.

Skrill & Neteller offer an intriguing loyalty program to all their customers. Based on the total quarterly transaction value, you can be eligible for their VIP status - Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Diamond. These tiers can provide with you lower fees, free money transfers from one Skrill/Neteller account to another, multi-currency accounts, and even your own personal account manager.

ecoPayz & Yandex Money have loyalty programs of their own with special offers & loyalty points for you to collect and use.

Bitcoin friendly eWallet

There is also another feature very useful for those Bitcoin & crypto users who want to change the world. To avoid the grey markets and potential scams, you can exchange your bitcoins & cryptocurrencies for the pesky fiat money at will, no questions asked, using Skrill & Neteller. Both have their own exchange suited for all libertarians who may want to spend their crypto on general goods and services or - why not - gamble on their favorite online casino platform.

Don’t worry, once you hit jackpot, you can always cash out using Skrill & Neteller and exchange your winnings back into Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, EOS, Ethereum, Stellar, and others.

What’s Your Favorite eWallet?

Upload money to online wallet via Credit Card

Now that you know what you need to do in order to choose your best ewallet for you, it’s time to make a decision. Go out there, study the market, and make an educated choice. Be sure to also check our ewallet reviews that will definitely help you decide what’s the right online payment option for you.

What’s your pick?