Choose The Best eWallet App In 2021

Whether you want to improve your consumer experience online or just enjoy yourself by playing your favorite casino games without any fuss, ewallets must be your default payment processing option.

It doesn’t matter where you live & it doesn’t matter why you do it, having an ewallet account in 2021 is virtually mandatory. Just ask the hundreds of millions of customers who use an ewallet application on a day-to-day basis.

eWallet Application Screenshot

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with this awesome payment method or you are on an information overload after searching for the best digital wallet for you. We’re here to help by providing you with only the best options out there. Follow our eWallet Reviews 2021.

What Is An eWallet?

An ewallet or a digital wallet is nothing more than a web application developed by a payment processing company that greatly facilitates the communication between a buyer and a seller.

It’s an online account where you can manage your money just as you would with a normal wallet. You take some cash with you or you grab your credit/debit card, depending on the situation, you place it in your wallet, and start spending. The same applies to a digital wallet. After you’ve created your account following some simple steps - in most cases, just typing your name, e-mail address, and password - you can top-up your ewallet by adding funds via a variety of sources likebank transfer, credit/debit card, or even the trending prepaid vouchers like paysafecard or neosurf.

Digital Wallet

After that, the (online) world is yours for the taking. You can spend your ewallet money on virtually anything, from food, clothes, appliances, and electronics to various services like online courses, hosting & domain registrations, IT troubleshooting, you name it. The possibilities are endless!

Why Use An eWallet


Firstly, convenience and unmatched user-friendly choices you can make. To start using a digital wallet, all you have to do is create an account by typing in your name, e-mail address, and password. After you verified your e-mail, you can add funds and start spending.

Create e-wallet account

When you first use an ewallet app, there will be some limitations. To unlock and use it at its full potential, you will need to go through the verification process, necessary given today’s Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation. It won’t take long though; once you provided the payment processing company with your ID and proof of residence, you will set up your own limits, no other third parties involved.


Secondly, by just using a digital wallet, you will greatly minimize the risk of compromising your financial data. Since you will not type down your private financial data like credit/debit card information every time you buy something, your bank funds will be safe.

Online Security

Instead, you will use your digital wallet’s e-mail/username and password to pay for goods & services. You will only give away your credit/debit card information in a secure environment, guaranteed by the payment processing company & only when you want to add funds in your ewallet.


Last but not least, the digital wallet payment option is just as popular as the credit/debit card method. What does that mean?

You can pay for most goods & services online by just typing in your ewallet’s e-mail/username and password. You can also play your favorite online casino games with real money without sharing your private financial data… fast & easy.

Prepaid Card

Moreover, since most ewallets give their client the option to order a physical prepaid card, you can also shop offline, at your local supermarket, general store, kiosk, or gas station. As long as the vendor accepts VISA/Mastercard, your prepaid card will be always accepted.

Which eWallet Is Best

It all depends on what you want to achieve with it.

Do you just want to spend your ewallet money on general goods & services? Then we got the perfect option for you! Do you want to use it more specifically for igaming/online gambling? We’ve got you covered! Are you located in a certain region with specific legislation for online payments? That’s right, we’ve got options for you also.

Top-Rated eWallet For General Use

Best eWallets for Online Casinos & Gambling

Region-Based eWallets

Cross-Platform Ready

You can use your chosen ewallet in whatever way you like.

If you are a PC guy or girl, the most popular digital wallets offer you a user-friendly & intuitive interface. You’ll learn how they work and what can you do to pay for online goods & services in no time, on the go. Plus you’ll always have the support by your side, ready to solve any problem you may run into.

Mobile Wallet

If you are a gadget-friendly user, all popular digital wallets offer high mobility with their optimized app for both Android & iOS platforms. Their interfaces are simple and accessible at a single touch or swipe so you can spend your ewallet money as fast as you like. Google & Apple approved!

Is My eWallet App Safe & Secure?

Our chosen top ewallets are as safe & secure as any other widely-used payment processing method.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about some malicious actor peeking at your every move. Since you only use the credit/debit card details or bank transfer information inside your digital wallet, in a secure environment, your private financial data is safer than ever. Not even the company behind the ewallet can actually access your private data.


The ewallets are authorized by the official financial institutions where they are based. Thus, you are always protected from any highly unlikely illegal attempt from the payment processing company to steal your money.


All popular ewallets are regularly audited by tech security companies. Moreover, all encrypt their customers’ data using the state-of-the-art encryption technologies around, to avoid any possible leaks.


To fully secure your ewallet account, most offer the popular and bulletproof two-factor authentication. Even though the hacker might know the ewallet’s password, he can’t guess the one-time 2FA PIN code.

2FA – Two-factor authentication

Online Casino eWallets In 2021

All popular online casinos have at least one ewallet as both a deposit & a cashout option. While it may not be PayPal - the company behind PayPal is very picky with the online gambling industry - you can certainly assume other options like Skrill & Neteller are there by default.

Online Casinos accepting eWallets

The process of depositing is as simple as it can get: just enter your login credentials, click one more button, and you can safely play your favorite casino games.

If you hit jackpot, cashing out is even simpler: you only have to select the ewallet option and igaming company will send your winnings your way, in no time, faster than any bank transfer & card withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before you read our top ewallet reviews, be sure to check out this general FAQ section that will answer all the questions you may have about this unique payment method.

Best eWallet App FAQs

How can I add funds and top-up my eWallet account?

It depends on the ewallet. All have the bank transfer & credit/debit card options, but, if you need something different, you’ll have to check our reviews. Many, for example, have the Internet Banking system, while specific ewallets have specific deposit methods - myneosurf gives you the option to add funds using the Neosurf vouchers.

Can I withdraw my eWallet money?

Of course, you can. You can always transfer your eWallet money directly to your bank account using the bank transfer & credit/debit card options. You can also use your prepaid ewallet card to withdraw cash via any VISA/Mastercard-willing ATM.

What other features does an eWallet provide?

Besides the physical prepaid card, many ewallets also give the user the option to create a virtual card that works just like a physical one. In addition, if you are a high-roller, check our ewallets that offer VIP programs, based on your transaction volume and spending habits.

Can I use an eWallet to buy Bitcoin?

Luckily, you can. Skrill & Neteller - which are part of the same company, PaySafe Group - offer any customer the possibility to buy & sell Bitcoin, plus several other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin Ether, XRP, Stellar, or EOS. No additional verification required!

What are the fees for any given eWallet?

Depends from ewallet to ewallet. Check our reviews for more specific information related to your chosen payment processing option.


Forget about complicated bank transfers and risky card usage on the Internet.

Using an ewallet in 2021 is probably the best decision you can make financial-wise. It doesn’t matter its actual usage, once you use a digital wallet, you’ll never look back. Convenience, accessibility, and ease of money transfer at their best!

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