Yandex Money eWallet & Online Casinos

Yandex Money is the most used payment service in Russia but has gathered steam as of late, outside the company's home base. Whether you live in Rusia, EU, or even in the US, Yandex Money ewallet can quickly become your most trusted friend in the online world. With its help, you can make payments for a variety of goods & services and you can also make quick deposits to your favorite online casinos. Don't worry though, like a true friend, it won't ask you any extra nagging questions. Satisfaction & privacy guaranteed!

About Yandex Money eWallet

Yandex Money is part of the Yandex corporation - the biggest tech company and search engine in all Russia. The payment service was first brought forth to the audience in 2013 when Yandex joined forces with Russia's largest bank Sberbank to create a brand new and competitive ewallet and business-to-business payment solution.

Yandex Money Logo

According to global market researcher TNS, Yandex Money is the most popular ewallet in Russia with around 30 million accounts and some 15,000 registrations on a daily basis. The service is used for a variety of goods & products from gaming purposes - Steam, Nintendo, Xbox Store and many more - to Apple payments and yes, all sorts of online casino deposits and withdrawals. The possibilities are endless indeed, with Yandex Money.

How To Create A Yandex Money Account

To create a Yandex Money account, you need to follow a few very simple steps by following this link here. You can always register via a multitude of social networks - Facebook, Twitter, and Google included - or you can just type your Yandex account if you have one. Either way, you will have to also type your phone number to receive a confirmation code.

Registration process - Confirmation code via phone number

After everything is set and done, you will be redirected to your Yandex Money account. It is important to know at first, you will just have a basic anonymous account with many limitations - you can't accept money from other users or send any funds to your Yandex Money friends. To access this feature, you will have to verify your account by sending the required documents to the Russian-based company (ID/passport and proof of residence).

Online Casinos That Accept Yandex Money

Since it's such a popular means of payment - one of three Russians use Yandex Money as their default ewallet - it was only a matter of time for all the popular casino websites to start implementing this widely-used service.

Most if not all major casino operators now give their users the option to deposit with Yandex Money, just like they would normally do with other similar services like PayPal, Skrill, or Neteller.

Online Casinos that take Yandex Money payment method

Don't believe us? Just take your favorite casino for a spin using Russia's most popular ewallet. We guarantee you will find very few places in the Internet gambling niche that don't list Yandex Money as a viable and secure payment method for both depositing and cashing out. Stay tuned and be sure to bookmark this page for the very best online casinos that accept Yandex Money payment method!

Yandex Money Payments


The process of depositing with Yandex Money is very straightforward, just like with any other major e-wallet. All you have to is choose Yandex Money, click on the Deposit button and enter your login credentials. One more click to confirm the payment and you will now be able to sit at any casino table you choose or play any slots with real money.

Screenshot of deposit with Yandex Money

Before you do that though, make sure you check what are the online operator's requirements when using Yandex Money ewallet. Some will ask you to have a verified account which can be tricky for anyone living outside Russia. The most convenient way would be to send the required documents to the Yandex office in Moscow. However, for Russians or anyone visiting Russia, the verification process takes only a few minutes at the Unistream points/offices near your location.

Also worth mentioning is the top-up options for your Yandex Money ewallet. If you are Russian, you can choose from dozens of ways to fund your account. Nevertheless, non-Russians have much fewer options. While the citizens of Lithuania, Latvia, and Turkey can still use the credit card top-up - VISA or MasterCard, the other EU and the US citizens can add funds either by making a bank transfer or receive payment via another verified Yandex Money user.

Cashing Out

If you have deposited with Yandex Money, then, most likely, you will be able to withdraw your winnings the same way, fast, just by clicking a couple of buttons. The process is even simpler than a deposit: click the Withdraw/Cash Out button, choose Yandex Money, and voila... the money should be yours for the taking in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on the casino operator.

Withdraw money with physical card - Mastercard

If you are in Russia, you can withdraw your Yandex Money easily for cash using an ATM, or transferring through Western Union or Unistream. Outside Russia, your options narrow considerably, but you can still use the Yandex Money physical card if you ordered one, no matter the country or the currency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you read our guideline about Yandex Money and still haven't found out the answers for your questions, just read our FAQ section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yandex Money safe?

Yes, all accounts are encrypted as well as all your data exchanges between the platform and your web browser. The passwords are all stored in an encrypted form while bank card transactions comply with international security standards. In other words, Yandex Money is as safe as any other major and popular e-wallet or any other online payment processor.

What are the limits and fees?

For an unverified account, there is a 15,000 rubles limit (or about 205 EUR/230 USD) applied to the wallet's balance. If you fully verified your account, you can have up to 500,000 rubles as funds (over 6,800 EUR/7,660 USD) and make a single payment up to 250,000 rubles (3,412 EUR/2,830 USD). Some restrictions and additional limitations may apply. Please check the Limits and Commission page for more information.

Regarding the fees, there are no extra charges for your top-ups, only a 3% withdrawal commission. To send money to another account, the fee is fixed at 0.5%.

What is the Yandex Money Virtual Card?

You can use a virtual card and pay with Yandex Money on the go just like you would with a physical credit card. Compared to the physical one, the virtual card is issued in seconds and is immediately ready for you to use. No extra steps needed to add funds; the virtual card has a shared balance with your e-wallet. Click here for more information about the card's capabilities and fees.

Can I get a real card too?

Of course, you can. You can always order a physical MasterCard using Yandex Money's website. As an advantage, you will be able to cash out your virtual funds to real cash from basically any ATM around the world, in any given currency.

Does Yandex Money have a loyalty program?

Yes, it does. If you use the Yandex Money card, you will instantly receive an instant 5% cashback on their selected categories - chosen carefully each month - as bonus points. 1 bonus point is equal to 1 ruble. Moreover, you get a 1% cashback for every online payment made with the card, up to 2,000 points per month.

Does Yandex Money have a mobile app?

Yes, Yandex Money is mobile covering all smartphone users, Android- or iOS-based alike. Check your mobile store for more information about the app.

Can I transfer PayPal funds to Yandex Money? How About Bitcoin to Yandex Money?

There are various ways to top-up your Yandex Money wallet, especially for Russians however, transferring PayPal cash to Yandex Money isn't one of them. Neither is exchanging Bitcoin via the ewallet. Nevertheless, there are many e-money exchangers on the web that might get the job done. One of the most popular is Be sure to check every one of them before actually trying them out; they usually operate in a grey area and there is a risk of being scammed if you don't pay attention.


Yandex Money is an emerging e-wallet that has taken Russia and all countries from the Commonwealth of Independence States by storm. Will it take the whole world also, threatening the big Western payment services like PayPal or Skrill? Time will tell, but so far, things look promising for the Russian-based company.

Be sure to try it out and see if it's up your alley. Who knows, you may just fall for it and soon enough, use it as your default payment service online.